we can provide legal advice if you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident.

For those who have been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident in Queensland through no fault of their own, we can provide legal assistance and guidance to obtain all the compensation they are entitled to.

We understand that people who have suffered serious injuries are in a difficult position. They are in pain and often need ongoing medical treatment. They have additional costs of medications and medical treatment. They are unable to continue working temporarily or permanently, they may have difficulty looking after themselves or their families, and they need help and assistance from others. Often, their lives have been turned upside down and they are worried about what the future holds for them.

At Donaldson Law we can give comprehensive advice about the compensation they are entitled to, including compensation for out of pocket expenses, lost wages in the past and future, assistance provided, pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. In many cases, we can also ensure that the insurer contributes to the cost of treatment clients need before the claim is finalised. We will also provide careful guidance through the process involved to obtain compensation, keeping our clients fully informed and providing personal and caring service along the way.

It is important to know that there is a defined process set out in the Queensland laws about how to bring a motor vehicle claim, including important timeframes. If a claim is not brought within time, the injured person loses their right to bring a claim at all.

We can help people who have been injured in accidents involving cars, trucks, buses, motorcycle and bicycles, and even pedestrians who have been hit by a vehicle.

initial consultation.

In order to give you the best legal advice, we need to hear your story. We are happy to meet with you at a time and place that is suitable to you. We can meet face to face, by Skype or telephone. There will be no charge for the initial consultation if you decide not to proceed with a claim.


At Donaldson Law, we believe in always being upfront about our costs. If after our initial consultation, you decide to proceed with your claim, you will be charged on a speculative basis.

That means you will only be charged our professional fees and any expenses we have incurred on your behalf, if and when your claim is successfully finalised.

We make the following assurances about our fees and expenses:

  • We do not charge you expenses for telephone calls or other administration expenses.
  • We do not charge an uplift or “success” fee on top of our costs.
  • We do not charge interest on any expenses we incur on your behalf during the claim.

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