COVID-19 – how we’re working.

2 April 2020

We are firmly committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of our clients and staff. We have adopted measures developed by the Queensland Law Society based on advice from the Federal and State Governments during the COVID19 pandemic.

personal contact.

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, or are awaiting COVID-19 test results, are experiencing symptoms associated with the virus or are otherwise feeling unwell, please DO NOT COME TO OUR OFFICE and DO NOT MEET WITH ANY OF OUR STAFF.

In such circumstances you should follow the advice of the Australian Government Department of Health.

business operations.

Our staff have transitioned to working from home, are avoiding all unnecessary travel and limiting personal interactions with others in accordance with Australian Government restrictions. When personal meetings are required, we are practising good hygiene and physical distancing.

We can continue to communicate with clients and all parties via telephone, email or video-conference methods. The most efficient way of reaching us during this period is our mobile phone numbers or email addresses, available on our website or email signatures.

We are continuing to take new inquiries, progress claims and resolve claims with modifications to normal procedures to accommodate COVID-19 government restrictions.

is donaldson law an “essential business”?

The Home Confinement Direction issued by Queensland’s Chief Health Officer on 29 March 2020 (stay at home and 2 person gathering rule), excludes work in an “essential business, activity or undertaking” that cannot reasonably be performed from the person’s principal place of residence. Queensland law firms are currently considered “essential businesses, activities or undertakings”, and unless this changes we remain open and fully functioning. Similarly, our Sydney office is able to continue operations remotely.

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