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“my outlook on solicitors is now very different”

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your efforts during my case. From day one I was made to feel at ease and received a caring attitude from Adair. I was kept informed throughout the entire process and Pat made me feel like a rock star at the mediation, staying with me the whole time.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the Donaldson Law team to whoever needs their services. After spending 7 years in the New South Wales Police Force my outlook on solicitors is now very different.

A.B. Queensland

“there was never an adversarial approach that one always expects”

I cannot thank you enough for not only your expertise in the legal fraternity, but also the friendship and empathy you shared with me over the last year. I know you were there to get me the best possible outcome, but there was never an adversarial approach that one always expects in these situations between two parties.

It was a great approach and I think everyone walks away feeling the right thing has been done.

W.O. Victoria

“always made me feel safe and not judged”

I consider myself very fortunate to have had the pleasure in finding Adair Donaldson and his amazing team to work on my case. I had a fear of coming forward to pursue a claim and definitely didn't want to deal with a large firm. Given the very personal and sensitive matters of my case, I didn't want to be treated like a faceless number. Finding Donaldson Law was a blessing.

Adair is genuinely passionate and 100% committed to what he does. This is evident in not only in the compassion, empathy, understanding and belief he has for his clients, but also the involvement he has in various community endeavors on a national level relating to sexual assault and domestic violence with the aim of changing culture through education.

Adair has immersed himself into fighting for his clients. He kept me informed at every turn. He is open, honest, compassionate and supportive. He is a man of absolute integrity. Despite the sensitivity of my case Adair always made me feel safe and not judged. He has gone above and beyond while working through everything pertaining to my case and has kept me informed every step of the way.

This personal and professional approach waylaid any of my initial fears. Adair made what could have be quite a confronting and daunting process easy. All the while protecting me, fighting for me and believing in me. The result of which has achieved an outcome on my case which dated back 28 years.

I would confidently recommend Donaldson Law.

A.S. New South Wales

“did a miraculous job of deciphering the tangled web of evidence”

Yesterday my long running compensation claim against the Commonwealth was settled out of court in confidence. This is because we sought out and engaged one of the best lawyers in Australia. Adair Donaldson from Donaldson law whom in just 8 months did a miraculous job of deciphering the tangled web of evidence that was accumulated since my RAAF/ Army service 40 odd years ago.

Adair Donaldson is an amazing and compassionate lawyer who also engaged an equally astute barrister named Gerard Mullins and together they were able to quickly bring the Commonwealth to the table and stop the rot. One cannot recommend Donaldson Law highly enough for anyone who has been abused in the military or elsewhere or professional athletes who have legal issues.

Thank you Donaldson Law.

R.M. Western Australia

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