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We’re passionate about helping our clients tell their stories. We strive for positive, lasting solutions and delivering more for you, in every sense.

abuse law.

We assist survivors of sexual, physical and institutional abuse and those who have experienced sexual harassment. It can be hard to come forward, our trauma focused approach makes it easier.

support services.

We encourage you to talk to and rely on the support of family, friends and professional services.

family law.

We offer a range of services to couples and families that are going through separation and divorce. At Donaldson Law, our focus is on reaching agreement without the time, cost and trauma involved in court action.

get started online.

If you wish, you can provide us with some background details straight away. This will give you some helpful, personalised information now, while allowing our Family Law solicitors to spend their first meeting with you giving you advice and information tailored specifically to your circumstances.

no win, no fee.

Not all No Win, No Fee agreements are created equally, find out what makes ours different to many other law firms.

ADF super invalidity benefits.

Former Defence members may have entitlement to apply for invalidity benefits, including back payments, through various military superannuation schemes.

litigation & dispute resolution.

Not all disputes can be resolved collaboratively. Some need to head straight to court.

inquests & inquiries.

If you need legal representation at an inquest or would like to make a statement to a Royal Commission or Inquiry.

Call us now for a free confidential discussion to see how we can help: 1800 940 693

education programs.

Adair Donaldson is the creator of the acclaimed preventative law resource Putting Youth in the Picture, and the more recent Fall Out resource.

These resources educate young people on the legal consequences of alcohol abuse, sexual assaults, consent, illicit drugs, violence, social media and the illegal use of technology. Adair has presented workshops to thousands of students, parents and athletes over the past decade.

Adair has also worked closely with the National Rugby League to develop and implement educational resources for their players and clubs. He has been appointed to the Australian Rugby League Commission’s Respectful Relationships Committee, which focuses on ensuring respect for women throughout the code.