abuse law.

we can provide legal advice to survivors of sexual and physical abuse.

We can provide legal assistance and guidance to survivors of:

  • Abuse in institutions, whether they be Government, Religious or Educational (schools or universities).
  • Abuse in the workplace. Whether by an employer or fellow employee.
  • Abuse whilst the member of a sporting club or organisation.
  • Abuse at a licensed premises where the venue did not have adequate security.
  • Abuse by an individual, in certain circumstances.

what factors may affect your ability to make a claim?

Many factors may affect your ability to make a claim, including:

  • Who caused the harm, and did they act alone or as part of an organisation or institution?
  • When did the abuse occur and has the time limit for bringing a claim expired?
  • What affect has the abuse had on your life?
  • What available evidence is there to support your claim?
  • Do you have eligibility to make a claim under a compensation redress scheme or victims of a crime scheme?

what if the time limit for making a claim has expired?

Time limits that apply to bringing these types of claims vary from state to state. Often, time limitations have expired by the time survivors have the strength and courage to speak up. There has been a push to change these laws for childhood abuse survivors, and even prior to any law changes some defendants have been willing to engage in informal negotiations, despite the claims being out of time.

Sexual abuse can be a complex area of law, if you think you may have a claim we recommend contacting us so we can advise you on your individual circumstances.

initial consultation.

In order to give you the best legal advice, we need to hear your story. We realise it is important that you feel comfortable sharing your story. We are happy to meet with you at a place and time suitable for you. We can meet face to face, by Skype or telephone. There will be no charge for the initial consultation if you decide not to proceed with a claim.


At Donaldson Law, we believe in always being upfront about our costs. If after our initial consultation, you decide to proceed with your claim, you will be charged on a speculative basis.

That means you will only be charged our professional fees and any expenses we have incurred on your behalf, if and when your claim is successfully finalised.

We make the following assurances about our fees and expenses:

  • We do not charge you expenses for telephone calls or other administration expenses.
  • We do not charge an uplift or “success” fee on top of our costs.
  • We do not charge interest on any expenses we incur on your behalf during the claim.

support services.

We encourage you to talk to and rely on the support of family, friends and professional services.