we can provide individual legal advice and guidance to land holders whose properties have been contaminated by PFAS chemicals.

Our director Adair Donaldson, understands the issues facing families living on land contaminated by PFAS chemicals, better than most.

Adair grew up on his family’s property in Oakey which adjoins the Oakey Army Aviation Base and his family made an informed decision to negotiate with the Commonwealth direct rather than becoming part of a Class Action.

Adair has significant experience representing land holders in relation to land resumption issues, and he also holds a degree in property valuation. These skills, coupled with years spent negotiating with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) on other claims make him and the Donaldson Law team, uniquely qualified to assist land holders affected by PFAS contamination.

Donaldson Law’s expertise lies in negotiating settlements for individuals in a collaborative manner. We recognise that every landholder’s claim is different and deserves to be negotiated on its own set of merits.

We also understand that not everyone wants their day in court or be involved with adversarial litigation with long periods of uncertainty. In our experience most landholders are not interested in apportioning blame, what they are seeking is a fair resolution to a complex issue.

I have read that the Oakey land contamination class action was settled in February 2020. Does this mean I have missed out?

No. The Commonwealth has indicated that they are prepared to negotiate with individual landholders quite separately from any Class Action, there is no cut-off date to bring a new claim, if you are an affected landholder, and you weren’t a part of the class action, you can still bring a claim.

can you come to my property so I can talk to you about our matter here?

Yes, if after an initial phone consultation we believe you may have a claim we may assist with. We regularly travel all over Australia to see our clients.

I’ve tried negotiating directly with Defence but they didn’t listen, how will you make them listen?

With a legal issue like the Oakey land contamination, you need to have a lawyer on your side who is experienced in negotiating with the Commonwealth. Lawyers who are experienced in this area know how to best approach the issue and who to direct their communications too. Donaldson Law represents other Oakey land owners and families like yourself.

initial consultation.

In order to give you the best legal advice, we need to hear your story. We realise it is important that you feel comfortable sharing your story. We are happy to meet with you at a place and time suitable for you. We can meet face to face, by Zoom, Teams or telephone. There will be no charge for the initial consultation if you decide not to proceed with a claim.

no win, no fee.

At Donaldson Law, we believe in always being upfront about our costs. Not all No Win, No Fee agreements are created equally, find out what makes ours different.

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