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Adair Donaldson, Lawyer and Director of Donaldson Law, is regularly called on by the media to comment on the legal issues pertaining to youth culture and abuse and harassment within institutions.

Below are some links to our latest news, including articles featuring or written by Adair, discussing the difficult issues many face today.

WIN news interviews Adair Donaldson about National Redress Scheme.

4 July 2018

Institutional child sexual abuse survivors can now apply for compensation under The National Redress Scheme. The scheme will hold institutions accountable, and help survivors access the support services they need.

which is the best option for survivors of abuse?

4 July 2018

Applying for redress under the new national redress scheme, or making a common law claim? Find out now by listening to Adair Donaldson talking to ABC Southern Queensland Radio earlier this week.

defence abuse survivors get second chance at reparation.

18 December 2017

The Department of Defence has announced a revised Defence Reparation Scheme for survivors of Defence abuse.

important dates for the royal commission.

13 September 2017

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse is in the process of drawing to a close, with its final report due at the end of 2017. Accordingly, they are making arrangements about finalising matters between now and then.

why have we let australia’s most important helpline slip into money-making hands?

7 September 2017

At Donaldson Law we think the Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia (RDVSA) is a wonderful organisation. To find out why, read Adair's latest article.

australian institutions must follow the ADF blueprint to repair cultural issues of sexual abuse.

2 September 2017

Read Adair's thoughts on how the ADF is responding to historical abuse claims in light of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse releasing their report into the Australian Defence Force, Case Study 40.

donaldson law presents busby marou in concert.

25 August 2017

Donaldson Law is very proud to present Busby Marou in concert on November 23rd in Sydney, in support of the Full Stop Foundation a wonderful organisation that assists women and families at their most vulnerable. Tickets on sale now! Follow link to tickets.

royal commission finds there was widespread abuse of recruits at HMAS leeuwin.

23 August 2017

Adair Donaldson talks to Fran Kelly about the findings of the Royal Commission's investigation into child sexual abuse within the ADF.

we need to stop teaching our daughters to be polite and to just ‘shake it off’.

22 August 2017

"Why did I teach her to be so polite?" Senior Counsel at Donaldson Law, Lisa Kinder, reflects on the importance of teaching our daughters to stand up for themselves.

australia has a sexual assault problem. we need to stop looking the other way.

8 August 2017

Please take 5 minutes to take a look at Adair's latest opinion piece published on ABC online regarding the report on Australian universities realeased by the Human Rights Commission, and why its results matter to us all.

to the men of St Paul’s college: it’s time you took responsibility for your actions.

8 June 2017

Read Adair's latest opinion piece on Mammamia.

lawyer and parent talks candidly about the movie Don’t Tell.

29 May 2017

Listen to Adair Donaldson talk to ABC Southern Queensland about the movie Don't Tell, the school involved, and how things have progressed for surivors since Lyndal's case.

survivors of historic sex abuse in the ADF have second chance at compensation.

26 May 2017

Read last week’s Townsville Bulletin story about the proposed redress scheme and what surviors can do now.

defence abuse compensation welcome, but no details.

22 May 2017

Listen to Adair Donaldson talking about the proposed Royal Commission redress scheme, in relation to the Australian Defence Force, on ABC Radio program PM last Friday.

our unis need to stamp out sexual assault – this is what the ADF can teach them.

8 May 2017

"The only way we as a society can ever bring about meaningful change is by understanding the failures of the past, acknowledging the wrongs that occurred, and tackling the issues head on."

Read what Adair Donaldson, founder and director of Donaldson Law, has to say about the challenges and opportunites facing Australian universities as they deal with sexual assault.

survivors of sexual abuse – a guide to legal fees.

23 February 2017

As the Royal Commission continues to highlight the extent of child abuse that has occurred in institutions, the survivors of this abuse are turning to the law to assist them in their search for justice, reparation and hopefully some closure.

sydney women’s fund – 2016 films for change series.

30 May 2016

Donaldson Law is very proud to be a sponsor for this event. Adair Donaldson will be moderating a panel discussion following the screening. We hope to see you there.

victims of defence abuse and bastardisation hail govt decision to drop time limits for claims.

11 May 2016

Listen to Adair Donaldson, Director of Donaldson Law speaking with Michael Brissenden this morning on AM.

important information for survivors of child abuse in the ADF.

10 May 2016

Last week the Federal Government announced a legal directive regarding time limitations for child abuse in government organisations. Read the article for a full explanation.

ADF faces 105 compensation claims for physical and sexual abuse, praised for handling.

20 January 2016

Gang rape, sexual harassment and bullying of Australian Defence Force members are cited in more than 100 compensation claims, but a lawyer representing claimants has praised the ADF's response.

sexual harassment, bullying has no place in the ARU.

13 October 2014

I have watched with dismay as the woes of the Wallabies have been blamed on the former Wallabies staff member Di Patston. Now that her scalp has been claimed, attention is being focused on the integrity of coach Ewen McKenzie, with the captain of the Wallabies insisting upon raw honesty.

safer sydney: tougher stand needed on alcohol-fuelled violence.

10 January 2014

With the spate of recent public assaults through Sydney, we are seeing an ever increasing tendency for people to blame alcohol. As a society, perhaps we have all been guilty at some point of compounding this issue.

putting youth in the picture.

17 October 2008

An article featured on ABC about the acclaimed preventative law resources, ‘Putting Youth in the Picture’, created by Adair Donaldson where Adair discusses the package and what drove him to spend so much of his time and money making it happen.

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