Gold Coast light rail project.

By Rebecca O'Dwyer 24 October 2022

Department of Transport and Main Roads expected to commence with the compulsory acquisition of land.

Gold Coast residents have known the Light Rail project has been happening for years, but it is almost crunch time for residents in the Tugun to Coolangatta section, with the Department of Transport and Main Roads expected to commence consultations for that section imminently, with a view to progressing with the compulsory acquisition of land.

Having your land acquired by government can be extremely stressful.  It can also be an opportunity to open a new chapter in your life. These are the three most common questions we are asked when we are dealing with people who are coming to terms with losing all or part of their property to a compulsory acquisition:

  1. Can I claim compensation?

If you have an interest in land (such as you own or lease land, or are benefited by an easement) you may be eligible to claim compensation if that land is being impacted by the Light Rail project.

  1. Can they come onto my land without me knowing?

No. You may be able to negotiate land access arrangements with the authority that wants to acquire your land. Failing agreement, they can force access but you will be given notice of this.

  1. Can I do this without involving a lawyer?

You can. But why would you? Under the legislation your reasonable legal fees are to be paid by the authority acquiring your land.  Get a solicitor to do the work for you.  You’ll be busy enough thinking about life after resumption.


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