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By Samantha Donaldson 27 October 2022

Another busy few months for Adair with Education Presentations

Another busy few months for Adair, presenting to Townsville Grammar, The Glennie School, Toowoomba Grammar, Rockhampton Grammar as well as St Mary’s, St Joseph’s and St Saviour’s Colleges in Toowoomba with great reviews.

“I wanted to thank you profusely for the work you did yesterday and the stamina you showed to keep energised through so many different presentations. It was a very successful day and I am sure to hear more about this in coming days and weeks. Your messages were excellent and very creatively delivered.”
“I believe that the talk was extremely beneficial. Adair Donaldson shed light on the scenarios and language that actually happen in real life. He wanted us to understand these not from an ethical point of view, but from a law point of view. He guided us in a fun yet effective way to understand our rights and the laws against specific actions such as sexual harassment, social media, etc. Overall, I believe that everyone should hear this talk and take the information with them afterwards”
“The information about codes of conduct and the extent to which they can affect our lives was also very valuable. Many of us did not know that an incident unrelated to work could get a person fired. I feel we, as a cohort, are definitely more likely to consider our choices knowing this”
“This presentation was honestly the best thing that I have ever listened to. Year 12 girls walked out of there with so much more awareness of these real world issues that we are faced with in life”

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