we can advise state wards on their legal rights in relation to harm suffered while in care.

We support and provide legal advice to former state wards and children and young persons who have been placed in out of home care and have experienced neglect, sexual harassment or abuse.

Many children and young persons have been unable to live with their primary caregiver and placed with an alternate caregiver either on a long term or short term basis. Over the years there have been many changes to the Child Protection Laws that are there to provide care and protection of children and young persons in out of home care. Persons appointed to care and protect whether they be a state Minister, Religious Organisation, foster carer or with kin, they are duty bound to act in the best interest of the child.

Unfortunately, too many former and current state wards have been abused and experienced neglect and need independent legal advice to assist them to seek financial compensation for the harm they have suffered. At Donaldson Law, we advise State wards on their legal rights in relation to the harm they have suffered.

initial consultation.

In order to give you the best legal advice, we need to hear your story. We realise it is important that you feel comfortable sharing your story. We are happy to meet with you at a place and time suitable for you. We can meet face to face, by Skype or telephone. There will be no charge for the initial consultation if you decide not to proceed with a claim.

no win, no fee.

At Donaldson Law, we believe in always being upfront about our costs. Not all No Win, No Fee agreements are created equally, find out what makes ours different.

support services.

We encourage you to talk to and rely on the support of family, friends and professional services.