we can assist couples and families going through the trauma of separation and divorce.

Mediation is an informal way of resolving issues. At Mediation, the people involved in a dispute come together with the help of a neutral Mediator to try to settle the dispute or issues facing them.

the mediator will help the couple:

  • Work out what issues are important to them and why.
  • Facilitate discussion.
  • Find areas of agreement and common ground.
  • Work out how an agreement can be reached.

the mediator will not:

  • Tell you what agreement you should make.
  • Make a decision for you.
  • Decide who is right or wrong.

We can individualise session/s to reflect the ages and stages of children, together with the possibility of couples needing to gather additional information such as accounting or financial advice, or to seek the assistance of a family therapist.

if you require a mediation/FDR, the initial steps of the process are:

  • You, or your solicitor if you have one, makes contact with us.
  • We will make contact with your partner, or their solicitor if they have one, and confirm they are willing to participate in Mediation.
  • We will arrange for a confidential one on one intake appointment for each person with the Mediator. This session is used to understand the needs of each person, assess how the Mediation is best facilitated to meet the needs of the separating family and ensure that Mediation is appropriate in all the circumstances.
  • We will make contact with everyone involved and confirm the structure, style and general process moving forward. We will also confirm the date and time for the next step of the Mediation process which would generally be a joint session.

do you need a lawyer to represent you at a mediation?

You can engage us to assist in the preparation for, and attendance at a Mediation as your legal representative. The benefit of engaging us as a legal representative in a Mediation is that we are also trained as Mediators so we understand how to properly prepare for getting a negotiated settlement to resolve outstanding issues at Mediation for you and your family.

family dispute resolution and 60I certificates.

The Family Law Act requires that a couple who cannot agree about their parenting arrangements must attend Family Dispute Resolution and obtain a Section 60I Certificate before an application for a parenting order can be made to the Family Court. Only registered FDRP’s can issue Section 60I Certificates. Donaldson Law’s FDRP, Sarah Adams, has held registration as a FDRP since 2009.

initial consultation.

The simplest and most cost-effective way for us to help you plan the best way forward for your family is for you to meet with one of our solicitors. Only by meeting with you and discussing this in detail, can we recommend the right plan for you and your family.


The cost of Mediation/FDR is $2,500 + GST. This covers intake appointments and all steps involved in the Mediation/FDR.

get started online.

If you wish, you can provide us with some background details straight away. This will give you some helpful, personalised information now, while allowing our Family Law solicitors to spend their first meeting with you giving you advice and information tailored specifically to your circumstances.

support services.

We encourage you to talk to and rely on the support of family, friends and professional services.