we assist couples avoid the stress and uncertainty involved in family separation.

Our Family Law services for couples include preliminary agreements, which help set ground rules going forward, financial agreements and formalising all agreed arrangements after separating.

financial agreements.

We can help couples avoid the financial stress and uncertainty involved in family separation.

Sometimes known as pre-nups, these agreements can be made at any stage of a marriage or de facto relationship, to detail how a couple will divide their financial resources in the event of separation. Financial Agreements make sense for many families particularly in second marriages or blended families. Such agreements set out how the couple’s property, liabilities and financial resources will be divided if they separate.

In the event of separation, a Financial Agreement will override the Family Law Act to determine how the property pool of the couple should be divided. Having such an agreement can save a significant sum of money, in particular the costs associated with property settlement negotiations.

For many, a Financial Agreement is the equivalent of income protection insurance or life insurance. These agreements are often used where one or both partners have significant property and wish to isolate some of their pre-accumulated assets for the benefit of children. For business owners with business partners or in partnership with third parties, the significant stress and financial uncertainty involved with family separation can be avoided if a Financial Agreement is prepared that determines how any business interests will be treated in the event of a relationship breakdown.

Our aim is to provide a respectful process whereby the relationship of the parties is maintained and can continue in harmony despite Financial Agreement negotiations taking place.

preliminary agreement.

Are you recently separated and need help setting ground rules for how children and finances will be managed?

At Donaldson Law, we recommend that ground rules are established as to how children and financial matters are going to be managed, whilst a final agreement is being reached.

We offer a fixed fee meeting designed for couples who have just recently separated, to set ground rules early after separation and avoid any unnecessary conflict and escalating issues at such a difficult and emotional time.

This process is not designed to reach a final agreement, instead they each have the time and space to consider what they need on a final basis. This way no one is rushed into decisions at a time of great upheaval and change, but at the same time immediate issues are discussed and mediated to avoid growing conflict.

finalise & formalise.

We can help couples formalise their agreed arrangements after separating.

Do you and your partner agree on how you want to resolve your parenting and/or financial arrangements and want to formalise your agreement cost-effectively and efficiently?

Some couples only require assistance to formalise how they are going to resolve their financial and parenting arrangements. While we believe it’s very important to formalise any agreements you have reached, rather than incurring unnecessary expense of two lawyers, we can assist you through a process so that your agreement can then be filed with the Family Court.

An Accredited Specialist in Family Law and Mediator, will guide you through the process, assisting with the necessary exchange of information to assist you to reach a final agreement. Independent legal advice will not be provided to either of you, but if required we can refer both partners to a panel of like-minded family law solicitors, should independent legal advice be required to resolve the issues.

initial consultation.

The simplest and most cost-effective way for us to help you plan the best way forward for your family is for you to meet with one of our solicitors. Only by meeting with you and discussing this in detail, can we recommend the right plan for you and your family.


We will discuss costs in detail with you and give you an estimate as part of our initial consultation. We offer Fixed Fees for many of our Family Law services and may be able to offer Deferred Payment on some matters.

get started online.

If you wish, you can provide us with some background details straight away. This will give you some helpful, personalised information now, while allowing our Family Law solicitors to spend their first meeting with you giving you advice and information tailored specifically to your circumstances.

support services.

We encourage you to talk to and rely on the support of family, friends and professional services.